How Amanda’s Road to Success took Devastating Turn

How would you feel when you start earning millions in your teens? You would be elated, but is stardom easy to handle. The same happened with Amanda Bynes, who started earning between two to three million in a year. It was a dream come true for the little star of ten years old. However, it was only the beginning of the glittering career of the star in the making. When success comes your way, you should be ready to embrace it with arms wide open. Amanda did the same and by the age of ten, she had an entire show with her.

The show became an instant hit after it debuted in 1999. It saw Bynes leading the show from the front. She was thrilled to have the opportunity and overjoyed to be on stage with the big names in the industry. However, such stardom at a young age did not make her realize the responsibility she had on her shoulders. Bynes was riding on the highway of success and fame with the next stop being Hollywood. She made a huge name in Hollywood with a few hits such as the Easy A movie.

Bynes road to Hollywood

Having two successful shows to boast of before entering high school, Amanda was chosen for a co-star role in the 2002 movie – Big Fat Liar. She tasted success in Hollywood with her first venture in movies. Sources reported the movie gathered approximately 53 million dollars worldwide. It made Amanda the first choice for a teen role in Hollywood. As a result, numerous projects rolled for her in the coming time.

However, the industry was not looking at Amanda as a child artist anymore. Consequently, her roles began to reveal that to her. What a Girl Wants, which was released in 2003 saw an entirely new Amanda. She had groomed with time. The question to ponder upon would be whether Bynes was happy with the change on and off the set. The truth might surprise you immensely.

The breakdown of a star

After quick stardom, the star had been reported to be driving under influence, taken to drugs, and was seen performing out of her character at times. The star had trouble keeping up with her stardom. As a result, Bynes was all over the news with her early retirement decision. It may not be a surprise for a few, but the industry had lost a talented actress.

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