How to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

It is no secret that cars can begin to smell very quickly. This is undoubtedly down to the fact that a car is essentially a small, enclosed space that is frequently occupied. However, not all cars smell bad in the same way. What dictates things here is how your car is used. Do you or others smoke in the car? Do you regularly pick up the kids from sessions of muddy outdoor sports? Do you sometimes pick up a drive-thru snack on the way home from work? By simply considering such questions, it is easy to see how cars can smell foul in quite a diverse set of ways.

So, are there any general rules for keeping your car smelling fresh, regardless of how you use it on a daily basis? We already know there are plenty of ways to deal with specific smells once they are already there. For example, applying a good shoe deodorizing spray to your footwear can already eliminate pretty effectively one the major offenders. If smelly shoes and feet are something you regularly contend with, ShoeFresh is a top-notch deodorizer that can have them smelling fresh for months after a single spray. It is well worth using the best products where they apply!

Preventing the Problem in the First Place

Yet, as good as many of these products are, there is little substitute for a preventative approach. Indeed, your car can smell bad in so many different ways that adopting a set of good habits and a regular cleaning routine is really the only way to prevent odors building up. That routine does not have to be particularly onerous; it just needs to be regular. Indeed, by doing a little but doing it consistently, you should have no trouble keeping your car smelling fresh. It is not a very big space after all.

Tips for Preventing Car Odors

So what can you do to stop the problem before it becomes a major issue? Here are some top tips:

Keep Your Car Trash Free

Like many of these tips, this one involves a certain routine. Specifically, you should remember to remove all trash every time you get out of the car. If you do this, it will never have enough time to become a properly entrenched smell.

Avoid Smoking in the Car

For some, this may be a hard step to follow. However, the simple truth of the matter is that smoking in the car is a sure-fire way to create an entrenched smell. Smoke gets everywhere. Not only will it stink out your car, but it will ruin your upholstery over time. There is no getting around the fact – for a fresh car, you will need to start taking smoke stops.

Keep the Interior Dry

It is no front-page news that moisture and warmth make for the perfect conditions for all sorts of organisms to begin producing a smell. Keep the interior dry by remembering to close windows and making use of floor mats.

Vacuum and Shake out Floor Mats

And speaking of those floor mats, be sure to shake them out on a weekly basis. On a slightly less frequent timescale, also remember to vacuum the car thoroughly. The removal of the physical particles that often cause smells is one of the surest ways to keep your car smelling fresh.

At the end of the day, there isn’t much to keeping your car fresh, but it does require a certain degree of diligence and regularity. It is, however, something well worth doing and which will prevent your car ever getting into a state that is genuinely challenging to clean.

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