How to Spot and Deal with a Hoarding Problem

If you happen to know someone passionate when it comes to collecting different kinds of stuff because it could be essential for future use, chances are you might be dealing with a potential hoarder. Too many accumulated things inside the house or backyard is a significant issue that needs to be dealt with by hiring the services of junk haulers to dispose of all the clutter.

Most hoarders tend to live in a cramped space because of the tremendous amount of clutter that is inside the house. In worst-case scenarios, clutter can invade the kitchen, the living room as well as the bathroom. When this happens, people living inside the house have limited space to move around. As the stuff continues to grow into a significant pile, problems among family members start to arise because of the discomfort and embarrassment that other people feel. Hoarding is a complex problem that needs to be taken very seriously, so here are some telltale signs on how to determine the problem and what to do about the situation.

Common symptoms

Most hoarders are not aware of their problem. Some of them even deny that something is wrong. But if you carefully observe their actions and way of life, you will notice that something is unusual. Here are some usual symptoms of a hoarding problem.

  • Loves to buy and collect new things but never uses them.
  • Has a hard time letting go of their stuff. It can lead to stronger emotions like separation anxiety.
  • Hoarding starts during the person’s younger years, and it becomes worse as they grow older.

What are the common side effects of hoarding?

  • The place starts to become disorganized and filled with different stuff like old magazines, clothes, empty bottles, and food containers, and so much more.
  • Clutter is everywhere, making it difficult to walk around and do normal things like eating meals, watching television, and even sleeping.
  • The place becomes unsanitary to the point that insects and rodents start invading the space.
  • Family relationships are affected, especially if the hoarder refuses to get some help.
  • Other members of the family are beginning to feel ashamed to invite visitors because of the horrible living conditions.
  • Hoarding results in a lot of wasted time looking for things that are buried under piles of junk.

What to do to resolve the issue?

If you or anybody in the family is going through a hoarding problem, it’s essential to seek help from professionals as soon as possible. A psychiatrist or psychologist would be able to help you determine the root cause of the hoarding problem and create action plans to help you let go of all the things that you have accumulated for an extended period.

Lastly, you need to seek assistance from professional junk cleaning companies to help you get rid of all the clutter and transform your home into the lovely place that it once was.


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