The Best Tefal mini skillet of 2020

Among the cooking utensils, the frying mini skillet is one of the most essential, especially when frying, sautéing and browning our food. If you are thinking of acquiring a new frying skillet for your kitchen, we want to recommend the Tefal brand, for being pioneers in the development of high quality and efficient non-stick frying mini skillet. Although all the brand’s models have excellent performance and innovation, it is important that you choose the most suitable for you, taking into account that the size is sufficient for your requirements, that the design is the most comfortable for handling, washing and storage and that has the appropriate non-stick coating materials. We have made a review of the models best valued by users and we have chosen the Tefal Delightas one of the best of the brand. It is a set of two skillets, made of stainless steel with non-stick coating both inside and outside; they have Thermo Spot technology, which allows you to know the cooking temperature in a simple way. Another notable model is the Tefal Comfort Grip, a set that includes 3 different sizes of 20, 24 and 28 cm; in addition, it also has a Thermo spot and offers an ergonomic handle made of silicone.

Buying Guide – What is the best Tefal frying skillet on the market?

A frying skillet is used mainly for frying and sautéing and both the pot and the handle can be made of different materials. The truth is that it is a special utensil due to its simplicity, ease of use and the speed with which we cook in it. However, choosing a frying mini skillet, despite being a basic and simple accessory, is not an easy task, since there are currently a variety of brands and a large number of models on the market, as well as different sizes and materials.

Among the best known brands of frying skillet is Tefal, a French manufacturer of saucepans and small kitchen accessories, currently part of the SEB Group. Its history dates back to 1954, when a French engineer joined PTFE (Teflon) and aluminum, getting the first non-stick frying skillet and two years later he created this company (by combining the words TEFlon and ALuminium) dedicated to the manufacture of skillet and batteries of cuisine, which quickly skyrocketed its sales to number 1 internationally in its field.

Since then Tefal has been incorporating various materials and designs, as well as expanding production to various household appliances and continues to be known for the high quality of its products. Among other innovations, she improved the resistance and durability of non-stick skillet, adding a layer of Titanium to their construction, she invented removable handles and, more recently, she integrated a heat indicator (ThermoSpot) to notify the user when the exact temperature.

In this guide to buying the best Tefal frying skillet, we want to highlight the essential aspects that the skillet of this renowned brand have, so that you can adapt them to your particular needs, when you need to acquire one of these practical culinary tools.

What type of Tefal skillet is better?

When you make a comparison of Tefal skillet, do not just base yourself on how much it costs, remember to also take into account the following basic characteristics to choose from, not only the most economical frying skillet, but the best option on the market.


Tefal has many models of skillet to adapt to all your needs and thanks to its constant innovation, a Tefal frying skillet is perfect for cooking delicious and healthy dishes at all times.

There are certain non-stick coatings, such as PFOA, that are highly polluting and are associated with various diseases because they release harmful substances, but Tefal non-stick coatings contain PTFE, which is a totally safe and harmless material, which is recognized by American health agencies. And European, as it does not dissolve or come off.

Tefal skillet are made mostly of high-quality aluminum or stainless steel and have various coatings such as Intension and Titanium Pro, which in addition to being non-stick, also favor the homogeneous distribution of heat for better cooking. The handles are made of lacquered Bakelite and high-strength silicone for durability, ergonomically designed and rivet-free to make them more secure.

Size and layout

Choosing the size of the skillet is determined by several aspects, for example, how many people do you usually cook for, what type of meals are you going to make in it, and what space you have available to store it and Tefal has an option for each need. .

Depending on the number of people or the type of food, you will be able to find in the different ranges of Tefal the peculiar square skillet or the traditional round skillet, with sizes that vary from 20 to 30 cm. It is best to have at least 2 skillets at home, one small and one large, although the 24 cm size is the most popular.

Regarding storage space, Tefal has removable handle skillet (Ingenio range) with a simple click assembly / disassembly system, which allows, easily and comfortably, to be put on the table, placed in the fridge or stored in cabinets.

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