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The Village retirement group: The North star

Have you ever wondered about the difference between an old age home and a retirement home?

The difference lies in the quality of life and care provided at each place. In an old-age home, 

the residents don’t have their own independent space and experiences in a sharing living condition or more like a dorm. Still, in a retirement home, the luxury of staying in your comfort zone surrounded by world-class amenities becomes a lifestyle.


The village retirement homes: An insight

The Village Retirement Group retirement homes are luxurious spaced apartments and villas creating elegant, world-class, state of the art residential homes for the retired providing the highest level of gratification, once you settle down to the ethereal surroundings of your villa. Who wouldn’t want that after retirement?

  • The village retirement homes or apartments or villas come with the freedom of decision to choose the way you want to live.
  • The various retirement houses were made following its environment, and its décor borrowed from the local history and flair.
  • These villages are nothing short of a 5star rated hotel with every imaginable quantity within reach. Such a planned setting is a haven for retirees.
  • Every retirement home has an excellent health care system in place, which is the essential element while housing retired older adults. Each of these villages collaborates with a local nursing home nearby as the village, and the old age together can help transition an individual from active working life to an old age home.
  • The village retirement homes are set up in a perfect location to its setting so that residents have the convenience to move around without any hassle.


Benefits of staying at a retirement home:

Indispensable living conditions – Residents are offered private suites to give them the space needed. Residents have the freedom to and can watch TV, read, and even enjoy the meals in their rooms, spending some sweet self-time. 

Age-in-Place – Shifting to retirement houses can be stressful for the residents as they are shifting out of their comfort zone with a lot of insecurities and doubts. Retirement homes focus on aging in place for the seniors so that they can age in one place and with peace.  

Group Activities and Socials – The homes provide an environment of warmth and community with collaborative activities like gardening, woodworking, baking, and arts-and-crafts encouraging residents to be creative, independent, and indulge themselves in the activities they like.

Peace of Mind – The peace of mind that only comes with the aging-in-place and somewhere where you can lay down your roots again. Retirement homes encourage holistic living manners and community interactions amongst peers and professionals, providing them with security, a circle, and independence.

Medical facilities- The excellent updated and advanced health services provided by these retirement homes are enough to remove any insecurity regarding health emergencies as they have tie-ups with old age homes and hospitals for immediate medical care.

Therefore, retirement homes can provide for an exceptional; home to our senior residents who can age gracefully and can live peacefully for the remainder of their lives without having to worry about anything else. 




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