Why Organic Skincare is the Best Choice for your Baby

When you are a parent, you are always acutely aware of how each of the choices you make can have a deep and life-altering impact on your children’s lives. Which can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Fortunately, when it comes to your baby’s skincare, the choice is simple. The choice is organic. Simply put, organic and certified organic products are created keeping the goodness of the end-user in mind, foregoing harmful chemicals and pesticides.

You perhaps know that your baby’s skin is up to three times thinner, and thus more sensitive, than yours. In addition, the surface area of your baby’s skin is three to five times bigger than yours. Which means whatever is put on his/her skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream that much faster. What’s more, babies are not able to break down and get rid of all chemicals that enter their bodies. Which is why you must be extremely selective about any creams, lotions, soaps or best organic baby shampoos that you buy for your baby.

A glance around the baby products aisle in your local supermarket or pharmacy will quickly reveal that a substantial percentage of these items are using materials that are outright harmful for your baby’s skin, such as paraffin, parabens, sulfates, talc and parfum. These ingredients are known for causing localized rashes and allergic reactions that persist well into adulthood. No parent would want to knowingly expose their little ones to such harm. This is why more and more parents today are choosing organic baby skincare products over the conventional alternatives.

Organic Vs Natural

Baby products should ideally use the most delicate and gentlest ingredients. While a “natural” tag on baby products may seem trustworthy, it can also be deceiving. Even products made up entirely of natural materials does not guarantee that the chemicals, pesticides and herbicides used to treat the ingredients are not present in the end-product. This is why choosing certified products with organic ingredients is so important. Certified organic baby products are made of natural, bioactive extracts and essential oils. goodness.me is one of India’s leading manufacturers of baby skincare products that are made from organic ingredients.

Some common organic ingredients and their benefits

While any ingredient can be grown organically, without the use of nasty chemicals, here are ones that are naturally beneficial for your baby’s skin.


Skin that’s as delicate as your baby’s can be prone to rashes and itching. Chamomile is known for its natural moisturising properties. Inherently anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it relieves skin irritations. It is one of the primary ingredients in goodness.me’s Certified Organic Baby Head-to-Toe Wash.

Rosewater and Lavender

As a parent, you would like your baby to be happy and comfortable at all times. Natural rose water is known to soothe your baby’s skin calm, which in turn improves his/her overall mood. Lavender is another well-known soothing and calming agent, and only the best organic version is used in goodness.me’s baby skincare range.

Jojoba and Olive Oils

Babies’ skin can lose moisture quickly, resulting in flaking and itching. Jojoba and olive oils, also part of goodness.me’s certified organic baby soap, helps to form a protective layer around your baby’s skin, locking in the moisture.

Last but not least, choosing organic for your baby is not only beneficial for the little one but also for the world at large. When you choose organic products, you are choosing ones that have been produced by working harmoniously with nature, and for nature. The products thus obtained are genuinely harmless to the end-user and to mother nature from where they have come. By saying no to chemicals and exploitation of nature, you can help build a world the future generations will be proud to inherit.

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